Movie Review: Food Fight (2008)


Is picking the best of a pile of tasteless tomatoes really a choice? I so agree with that statement. Sometimes choosing the “good stuff” in a store still isn’t the best thing you can do.

War and agriculture has always been linked. I never thought about this. The US Army K-Ration was the grandfather to the modern day TV dinner. A relation was made between making bombs and fertilizer. In the way we farm now, petroleum is in just about everything. What?!
When it was first introduced in the 1950’s, convenience food was marketed as “like having a maid” to the housewife. Housewives went out into the work force. Flavor went out the door as a priority with the making of convenience foods. In the 1960’s a counterculture who rebelled against the conformists fought to get back to basics.

I found this film very interesting because of the information given regarding how the government has had such a big part in the food that is available and the food that is promoted here in the United States. The layout of a typical store is set up for consumer failure on the way to choosing healthy choices. To get to anything healthy, you must walk through aisles of junk food. I find this to be true wherever I go no matter what store.

I also loved seeing many popular professional chefs in their own kitchens and gardens and most of all at the farmer’s markets. The gardens featured made me want to garden again. I can very much attest to the difference between store tomatoes and ones that you grow yourself.

My rating: StarStarStarStarStarStarStar 7/10

Movie Review: Food Fight (2008)