January 2015 TBR List

I need to read one book a week to make my goal of 52 books in one year. I figure if I can read during my lunch at work or before I go to bed, this should be an easily accomplished goal. That is as long as I am consistent. Also a few long weekends during the year and I always read a lot during the summer. I like to read while sitting outside. And another thing, as anyone who loves to read can tell you, there are always opportunities to read if you keep a book close at hand. Examples would be during car trips and while waiting on for appointments.

Besides the free Kindle First and free Amazon books, I normally use the online version of my local library. It used to be hard to get books, but now there are a lot. It is just hard to get popular books. But thankfully they have a hold system. Sometimes the hold system takes quite some time due to more than a hundred people waiting on a few copies of the book. No matter to me, except for when I want a book right now to be able to discuss it for a book club selection. Of course you can only check out so many books and they are loaned for 3 weeks at a time.

Since January is the first month, I am going to go with a theme of “first in a series” books. I pass by a lot of authors that have long running series, because it seems too much work to go back and figure out the order of things. And of course, I would have to read them (OCD) from the beginning in order. So to try this out I found some options on my library site – maybe I will find someone new to like!

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Looks like January has the potential to be a very interesting month!
And this doesn’t even include my free Kindle First choice and/or book club choices.

keep coloring outside the lines,

January 2015 TBR List

Light From A Distant Star by Mary McGarry Morris

Light from a Distant StarLight from a Distant Star by Mary McGarry Morris

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Nellie and her family live in a small town and are having financial problems. They have a rental to help ends meet and one of the tenants is murdered. Nellie is in the house at the time with her grandfather’s hired handyman who is working in the basement.
That is the bare bones of the story without spoiling what happens. But honestly there isn’t much to spoil. Nellie is the main character and the story is slow getting started, gets a bit of a punch when the murder happens and then sputters into a slow drag. I was so disappointed at the end of the book. Notice I said end of the book, not ending. After reading through all of the boring details of Nellie’s daily happenings after the murder, the book just runs out of words.
I had read a review where someone had compared Nellie to Scout from To Kill A Mockingbird. Possibly that is what the author is tryna (the most repetitive word in the book) do, but she is far from accomplishing that.
I wish half of the words could be taken out and an actual ending provided. There is a story in there somewhere.
And where did the title come from?? I hate books that have a title that doesn’t come from the story.

Keep coloring outside the lines,

Light From A Distant Star by Mary McGarry Morris

Free Kindle eBooks 12/13/14

It’s easy to get a lot of free eBooks on the Amazon site. You can input the term free and Kindle in search or you can search within the Kindle part of the website and then just filter from low to high.

I was searching out free, frugal eBooks this morning and found all kinds of things……

925 Ideas to Help You Save Money, Get Out of Debt and Retire A Millionaire So You Can Leave Your Mark on the World  – that is really the name of the book LOL

Stress Proof Your Life (52 brilliant ideas)

The Productive Person Action Guide: How to be more productive and maximize your work-life balance in 2 weeks

The Organizing Checklist: Practical To-Do Lists to Achieve Your Full Potential

Clean Food Diet: Avoid processed foods and eat clean with few simple lifestyle changes(free nutrition recipes)(natural food recipes) (Special Diet Cookbooks & Vegetarian Recipes Collection Book 4)

Salads To Go

Frugal Minimalist – How to Live More Optimally By Saving Money and De-Cluttering Your Life for Beginners (Frugal Minimalist Guide, De-Cluttering Your … Money Tips, Minimalist, Living Optimally)


Free Kindle eBooks 12/13/14