Book Review: The Surgeon by Tess Gerritson

The Surgeon (Rizzoli & Isles #1)The Surgeon by Tess Gerritsen

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Jane Rizzoli is a new homicide detective who feels she has to prove herself and Thomas Moore is an older homicide detective who has lost his wife. They enter into a work relationship once a “copycat” serial killer enters the picture. This predator picks women who have been victims of rape. This is the only commonality they have for most of the book until it becomes clear there has been another motive. The killer is obviously nicknamed the surgeon for the gruesome things he does prior to his acts of murder.
My first read of the Rizzoli & Isles series. I found it odd the Isles half wasn’t in it. No matter, I thought it a good read and read it in one night. I was far enough in that I couldn’t put it down until I was through because I wanted to know about the second gunshot. I liked this story and even though the ending was pretty ho-hum, there were enough spots where the author entwined some very smart ways the killer gained entry to his victims. I liked the “trojan horse” way at the end. But I didn’t like Rizzoli and didn’t feel she was fleshed out into a real character, but the Thomas Moore character was which I thought odd.
I will more than likely read another book or books in this series.

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Book Review: The Surgeon by Tess Gerritson

Carrie (2013)


My first horror movie of 2015 –> the remake of Carrie, based on Stephen King’s first published novel.  I will always like the book better than the movie (Stephen King constant reader here).  But the original movie of Carrie is one of the few works based on his novels that I actually like and have watched again and again. Sissy Spacek was that part.
This new movie aggravates me because of bringing in modern-day electronics that did nothing for the story and weren’t carried through realistically. If a YouTube video like that was posted it would have gone viral and I can imagine the aftermath of public outcry and lawsuits – in minutes. The scene with Chris and her dad with the principal was silly. Also it seems there are no residents on Carrie’s street save the one scene with the boy on a bike. But I do like the scene when her mother is driving her home from the famous “plug it up” shower fiasco. The scenery shows a poor neighborhood that I think she and her mother would have lived.
I knew the special effects would be better. The original Carrie was in the 70’s and effects have gone so much farther since then. They did take it over the top at the prom with no added benefit I feel. With the original Carrie, less was better. I got more of the character holding the scene and making me feel emotions for poor Carrie White, which is what the book did.
I was glad, but could not understand why they cut the original ending scene. Sue in this movie could have never done the moment justice. That “Carrie White gotcha moment” at the end – I love it. I love it also in Friday the 13th and other horror movies. Those endings always set up a later. A later discussion among friends, a later “sleep disturbance”, a later movie.

All in all, if not judged against the original, it was a decent movie.

My rating: StarStarStarStarStarStarStar 7/10

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Carrie (2013)

2015 Challenge Help

2015 is already looking like an interesting year for me. Job changes that I have no control over, a dedicated effort to get healthy in any way I can. writing in NaNo challenges, my online education, new friends online and off to interact with and so much more that I haven’t contemplated or even know about yet. And I’m not forgetting about a significant birthday in my life either!!

My challenges are in my sidebar, which you can access by clicking on the 3 lines in the upper right-hand corner. I will be keeping track of them on different websites and groups, but also here in one place. Below, I have listed them out and some of the places or ways I feel are going to help with my accomplishing what I want.

I doubt I can pay these 3 bills completely off, so the goal is to pay as much as possible. I do plan to use my 2014 income tax refund to pay off the Amex card. Th car payment is up until April 2016, but the plan is to still have the car by this time next year and maybe get to a low payoff sum and pay that bill a month or two early. I am using to track the payments and also send me reminders so I don’t forget.

  • CC#1 Amex: 0/1382.81
  • CC#2 Visa: 0/2628.77
  • Car Payoff: 0/1621.88

I use Amazon a lot to purchase different things including food at times. So any amount off an order is a plus. I am a member of SwagBucks and Bing search sites and am trying out some survey sites (more on that later). Each of these sites give out giftcards for searching and other things. You just need to build up the required points. I find SwagBucks to be so easy and they give out Swag Codes usually every day that are worth 3 SwagBucks if you enter the correct code on the site. I can do searches for both of these sites first thing in the morning, every day. Points add up fairly quickly. On Bing, you get 15 points a day for searches.

  • Amazon GiftCards $__
  • Paypal GiftCards $__

My change jar will get it’s first boost from the January “find loose change” hunt around my house. I know I have a bunch of coins just laying around throughout the house. Afterwards, anything from my purse or pockets at the end of the day and any change I find.

  • Change Jar __ cents

I plan to get as much mileage out of a buck as I can with coupons and sales to add to my stockpiles, which includes my new freezer space 🙂

  • $5/wk Stockpile 0/52

The hardest parts of this coming year promise to be diet and exercise. I always start out good on these things and then the fire goes out. So keeping a fire lit under my butt will be an extremely important focus. Websites and their communities are going to be my help and encouragement on this one. Also when I start seeing results and feeling better, then I hope that will keep me going. The active challenge requires 10 minutes a day as a challenge set up by “SparkGuy”, Chris Downie.
Websites: SparkPeopleFitBit • Facebook Groups • Transcontinental Walk

  • Birthday Weight: 0/28
  • Transcontinental Walk: 0/4063
  • Active 0/365
  • Water 0 cups
  • Try New Recipes 0/52

I have always loved to read and used to read (no devour) so many books every year. I want to get back to doing things I love in 2015 and reading is at the top of my list. I am shooting for 52 books I’ve never read before, but hope I can get more than that.
Websites: GoodReads • 2 SparkPeople Book Clubs

  • Books Bzah 0/52

Something else I have always loved is Horror Movies. I fondly remember late nights into early mornings watching Chiller Theater. Psychological horror is my favorite, but I like other types, even the cheesy ones at times. I want to watch 100 movies I’ve never watched before this year. I’m bad about watching the same thing over and over so this will force me to explore new movies. Also, I will do one of the “100 horror movies in October” challenges, but I normally never get too far on that since October seems to be a busy month.
Website: IMDb

  • Horror Movies Bzah 0/100

I’m sure there will be other challenges to come along, but these are the ones I am starting out with. If I could “win” most of my challenges I would be really happy this time next year, but I’m not putting any hard pressure on myself except for the exercise and water one. In numbers of steps and cups of water, I am practically starting out at ground zero since I am very sedentary and drink a lot of coffee and Coca-cola. By losing 28lbs, I know my cholesterol and GERD would certainly get better. So those goals are the most important ones. The money goals are in second place — I can’t make or save money if I am sick. The other goals are to see how much I can do and how creative I can be with things. Expect lots of pictures based on these challenges throughout 2015!

* FYI: I do have affiliate links in the way of you signing up under me on SwagBucks and Bing if you go through the links provided. Of course, I would appreciate it if you did, but do not feel you have to – you can visit those pages on your own. The other links will take you to my profile where you are welcome to befriend me if you wish*

I would love to hear of your resolutions or challenges you have set up for yourself in 2015. I might join you or at least cheer you on. I very much believe that writing goals down helps you achieve them, especially if they are somewhere you can see them regularly. And being among others who share the same goals can only help as much as you participate. I am glad I have found several very active message boards to read others’ adventures and cheer them on. I have already received encouragement for what I am doing from some of those sites. And of course on this blog, every like, follow or comment is appreciated. Thank you all so very much!!

And from me to you: Best Wishes, Good Luck and HooRah for you on your 2015 journey whatever it may be and wherever it may take you!!

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2015 Challenge Help

January 2015 TBR List

I need to read one book a week to make my goal of 52 books in one year. I figure if I can read during my lunch at work or before I go to bed, this should be an easily accomplished goal. That is as long as I am consistent. Also a few long weekends during the year and I always read a lot during the summer. I like to read while sitting outside. And another thing, as anyone who loves to read can tell you, there are always opportunities to read if you keep a book close at hand. Examples would be during car trips and while waiting on for appointments.

Besides the free Kindle First and free Amazon books, I normally use the online version of my local library. It used to be hard to get books, but now there are a lot. It is just hard to get popular books. But thankfully they have a hold system. Sometimes the hold system takes quite some time due to more than a hundred people waiting on a few copies of the book. No matter to me, except for when I want a book right now to be able to discuss it for a book club selection. Of course you can only check out so many books and they are loaned for 3 weeks at a time.

Since January is the first month, I am going to go with a theme of “first in a series” books. I pass by a lot of authors that have long running series, because it seems too much work to go back and figure out the order of things. And of course, I would have to read them (OCD) from the beginning in order. So to try this out I found some options on my library site – maybe I will find someone new to like!

image  image  image    image image  image  image     image  image   image   image    image

Looks like January has the potential to be a very interesting month!
And this doesn’t even include my free Kindle First choice and/or book club choices.

keep coloring outside the lines,

January 2015 TBR List