My Coke Rewards

I’ve been doing MyCokeRewards for several years now. I have received several gifts from them including t-shirts, cookie jar and a spice rack to name a few. I use my points to get a subscription to Club Pogo all the time. Unfortunately, it seems they are starting to faze that benefit out. Sad smile But the prizes I’ve chose either online or through the mail have all come very quickly. Big thumbs up to Coke for that!


MyCokeRewards is a once a week easy way to get “something” for free. Coke cap codes are worth 3 points apiece and you are allowed to enter up to 100 points a week. I generally do this on Saturday morning. It takes me probably 15 minutes. The counter resets on Monday at 12am EST.


You just enter the letter and number combination found on the inside of coke caps or written inside the cartons. Some people online will post codes they don’t want. Remember that there are no “O’s” as in a letter, all of the circles symbols are the number zero. I used to have to take a plastic liner out of the caps to be able to read the number, but those are no longer in there making it easier. A tip to read any of the caps except for the black Coke Zero ones: Put the cap in front of a flashlight. The light shines through and makes it easy to see the number.


keep coloring outside the lines,

My Coke Rewards

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