Frugal Hack: Shower Head Fixer

I have read about using vinegar to fix a clogged shower head many times. Well the other morning, my shower was but a sprinkle. Not good for getting to work on time.

So, I decided to try out this remedy before doing something drastic. Yesterday after I came home from work, I got out 3 sandwich baggies. Just the cheap kind that don’t have the zipper top. I put one inside the other and then another inside that to reinforce them and to make sure nothing was going to leak. Then I got my bottle of plain white vinegar and headed to the bathroom. I also retrieved an elastic hairband to use as a rubber band.

I got a good grip on the baggies by the sink and poured some vinegar in, just about half full. Enough so the shower head would be completely covered. I poured slowly and kept my hands holding a good portion of the top of the bag so the vinegar wouldn’t spill out. Then I carefully pulled the bag up and over the shower head making sure the spout was completely submerged. I used the hairband to fasten it securely so the bag and the vinegar stayed put. And that was it. I got up this morning and without doing anything else, I pulled the bag off and disposed of it. I turned the shower on and Yippee ~ WORKING!!

keep coloring outside the lines,

Frugal Hack: Shower Head Fixer

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