SATURDAY JANUARY 10, 2015: magazine surfing

One important point I want to make about going to brand product websites is to look around. If this is a product you buy and like, look for free samples, coupons and newsletter signups. If there is a club, join. Club members sometimes get special offers or freebies (at times). So it is a benefit to you to roam around the site.

If the site has a search box – use it. Search for keywords such as sample, promo, gift, coupon or free. Sometimes you get lucky!

L’Oreal Paris – sample
Crest – coupon page


P&G Everyday Savings


See if you qualify for samples – this is very easy. Also printable coupons.

Depend – free samples, coupons
Tena –special offers
Kellogg’s – Family Rewards for entering codes
Campbell’s – savings page
Nutrish – coupons
Tamiflu – coupon
Arm & Hammer – coupons
Iams – Rewards
Liquid Plumbr – moneyback guarantee / game to win cash & prizes
Oxi-Clean – coupons
Clorox – coupons
Lucky Leaf – promotions
Reynolds – coupons
Jolly Time – coupons
Betty Crocker – coupons
Healthy Essentials – coupons
Downy – coupons
Febreze – coupons
Boost – coupon
Walmart – coupons

SATURDAY JANUARY 10, 2015: magazine surfing

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