Frugal Website: Refund Cents


Last night I re-found a site I used to pay for and use quite a bit. It is an online extension of a newspaper-like magazine I used to get through the mail years ago. The lady behind this (Michele Easter) has been doing coupons and refunds for many years. The name of the site is Refund Cents. Back when I was being a lot more frugal and well, admittedly a coupon crazy gal Smile I was a member of this site for several years. You soon get to know Michele through comments and she also writes about her family and life on the main page. Very nice.  (I hated to read about her granddaughter being diagnosed with leukemia, but it sounds as if she will be okay after extensive treatment.) 

Another nice thing about this community is just that, the community. Members communicate, swap, trade and generally just help each other out. That is the main thing that makes it worth paying to be able to access the whole website. Last night I went ahead and paid the $12.00 annual fee for online only access. Other options include the hard copy magazine and various products that pertain to coupons and refunding with multiple ways to pay. I found it was easy to pay the fee using my Paypal account.

If you are using any coupons at all, it’s definitely worth a visit. There is a wealth of knowledge and information there for free. I had a great time going through the main feed last night. But without the membership, I couldn’t access the Centsible Chat section. For me, that is the goldmine. Members chat all day long on the great deals, heads up on great deals, share know how and you can ask questions. The ladies on this board are gurus when it comes to saving a buck or finding deals and best of all they are willing to share. Examples are links to instant win games online, freebies, giving away codes (such as mycokerewards) and swapping coupons.

I’m so excited to have found this again. Honestly, I had forgotten about it! But I recommend it highly – go check out the main page – I seriously believe you will find at least one (if not many) things that will help you save.

keep coloring outside the lines,

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Frugal Website: Refund Cents

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