The Perfect Human Diet (2012)


Health is not the absence of disease. I agree with this. When I go to my physical every year, I am declared healthy by a doctor. Yet I don’t feel I am a healthy person. I think this would describe a lot of the people in this country.

The narrator of this movie, C.J. Hunt  “dropped dead” of a heart attack at the age of 24. He started researching.
The information starts with different people’s research on traditional eating. These included people from Australia and Canada and their native traditional ways. Surprisingly, exercise or eating only plants wasn’t a big factor. It was more the local foods that were eaten prior to modern convenience foods, including wildlife meats.
He sought out information from vegetarian and vegan followers. He found contradicting information about whether humans are herbivores vs. carnivores. Abstaining from carbs, which actually is not something new, but something from the 1800’s. In the 1950’s carbs regained a good name and fat became the bad guy. Following just this far in the program, it illustrates how confusing it is to eat right when rules/advice get changed back and forth.

At the end the perfect human diet is a paleo diet. I didn’t agree with a bunch of the things in the documentary, but there were a lot of interesting ideas.

My rating: StarStarStarStarStar 5/10

The Perfect Human Diet (2012)

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