Health/exercise tool: being accountable


I have owned my FitBit Zip for around a year. It is a neat little contraption and I like it better than any other pedometer I have used. It is also very easy to use and sync. One thing I always had problems with before was remembering to write things down. FitBit does that for you. So win, win in my opinion. Except… for the part that you have to actually walk/run LOL. That is the part I had problems with this past year since purchasing it on Amazon. I do have plenty of excuses though!!! 2014 was not the easiest year to get through, that is for sure. The financial situation was a downer to begin with. And my reliance on credit cards for things such as groceries did not help either.

But that was last year and this is this year. In an effort to be more fit and healthy, I set up several challenges including counting steps, drinking more water and a virtual transcontinental walk across the United States. That walk is over 4000 miles, which will take me more than one year. I am curious to see how far I can get in a year though. I found that challenge through SparkPeople, a health and wellness website with a focus on exercise. There is a SparkTeam for that challenge. Another SparkTeam I joined was for FitBit users. I also found a Facebook group for FitBit users that is quite active. And some links from that group lead me to some challenge sites that give you rewards for exercising. Now that’s talking my language, an incentive! Matchup and Leap4Life are those sites. The Facebook group and SparkPeople groups are both neat places to sign up because you can connect with other FitBit users and become FitBit friends. You are able to challenge and cheer each other on.

I am purposely sticking my fat neck out on all of these places so I am either going to be accountable or sink back in shame. I have these places bookmarked in an EVERYDAY folder so it will be easy to open the pages and I won’t have the excuse of forgetting to visit. Anything that has to do with exercise…I forget a LOT. Also I have some index cards as reminders in my Chore Box.

I do have other tools besides online ones. I’ve “collected” these over the years, but my main focus will be on walking/running. My exercise equipment consists of different things: a nice treadmill which has been rarely used through the years, a weighted hula hoop, a mini trampoline, stretch bands, 2 sets of low number weights, weight bands, a jump rope, a couple of exercise dvds and plenty of exercise options from Netflix/Hulu and of course, me.

For Christmas, a pair of pink Nike shoes!
For Christmas, a pair of pink Nike shoes!

You see I’ve thought about and prepared for this before and then sputtered out a bunch of times. So I know the “thinking about it to myself” way I normally try isn’t too successful. If that worked, I would be thin, fit and gawjous! Yeah right.

I may tire of all of this tracking things or talking about exercise, etc. at some point – surely later than sooner. <fingers crossed>
Basically –> I hope that all this preparing mentally/planning out beforehand stuff is going to set myself up for success, not failure.

If you would like to be friends, please add me:
Transcontinental Walk User ID 97906

keep coloring outside the lines,

Health/exercise tool: being accountable