LiST and B-LiST Pages

I’m going to start doing some entries based on places I find on the internet. I run into so many interesting and useful websites, I sometimes forget to save them or organize them so I can go back when I have more time or the interest for a certain subject. When I am online, I so often get into “surf mode” and stopping to read or save isn’t an option. I like to link hop (clicking on a link to go to a site and then clicking on a link on that site to go the next and so on). Link hopping isn’t a way to stay on one particular topic. It sometimes will lead you to the strangest places and sometimes you can find gold mines of sites that are all about things you like.

I am naming these entries LiST (Link Scenic Tours) and will create a page for these LiSTs that group all of the links from them into one. There will be a B-LiST too. The B-LiST will be a brand page that will include any company or product website links. Each of these pages will be added to on a continual basis. This may be a little time-consuming to start, but easy to maintain as I go along. So I am starting work on these two pages now and will add them to the site in January 2015. The categories will be many on the LiST page since I lose focus and my “scenic tours” are just that: scenic. 🙂  I haven’t decide yet how I will categorize or maybe just alphabetize the B-LiST. Stay tuned!

keep coloring outside the lines,

LiST and B-LiST Pages

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