December 20, 2014 LiST

There are several ways to do a LiST, including the linkhopping I spoke about in the previous post. Another way I like doing a LiST is to magazine surf. I started doing this a long time ago and find it to be entertaining and a great way to find products or deals on company websites. How do you magazine surf, you ask?  You go through the magazine reading as normal but noticing links and things that interest you and pair those things with its respective internet website basically. Pick up any magazine and look through it for either website URLs or input a product/company name into Google search to find it.
So today I am doing some magazine surfing with Family Circle January 2015 issue and All You January 16, 2015 issue.

Family Circle

All You

As I was going through these magazines I was also tearing out articles I wanted to read and ideas to try out. The websites I found had tons of information and some had email newsletter or samples. It’s worth clicking through a website for a product you like or buy regularly. Their site may have coupons or samples. And obviously information on the product, but maybe something you don’t know about and need or would like to know. Some websites I bookmark to check out regularly because they have promotions. It’s up to you how to use the LiST.

keep coloring outside the lines,

December 20, 2014 LiST

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