Frugal Tool: Chest Freezer

My big gift for Christmas 2014 is a Haier 7.1 cubic foot chest freezer. It was delivered today by my loving family members. They were afraid we may start having bad weather and it would be easier to just go ahead and put it in my garage right now.

Excitement. I have been wanting one for some time now. I count this as a great frugal tool. I plan on using this to save in multiple ways.

• Saving on work lunches by being able to buy frozen meals on sale with coupons and in bulk. Just this past week Walmart had a sale on meals for $2. I bought 5 which is all the room in my freezer/fridge could hold. It’s full and doesn’t have much room to begin with anyway.
• Being able to buy bulk vegetables in the summer at Aldi’s for soups, chilis, etc. cooking in the winter. I can buy green peppers, onions, mushrooms and the like and slice up, put in freezer bags and use throughout the winter.
• Being able to buy bulk fruit in the summer at Aldi’s to make smoothies in the winter.
• Maybe trying out the gardening thing again and freezing, especially tomatoes. I stopped gardening some time ago because of all of the rain. It rained too much for several summers that between my sandy ground and the rain, the veggies were poor or not worth eating. So maybe container gardening with tomatoes.
• Trying out once a month cooking at some point. I have always wanted to do this.
• Making soups and other things for more than just me and freezing the rest for later meals.
• Freezing leftover parts of prep ingredients. This means saving things such as vegetable parts or meat bones for later use in stocks.
But the first thing I need to do is get some baskets that will fit so I can easily search and rotate in the freezer. I plan a trip to the Dollar Store and Walmart to see if I can find some baskets that will allow me to do this and also not so tight that air can’t circulate in the freezer.
Anyone who has any chest freezer tips of any type, feel free to either email or input in comments. I have never owned one, so info will be appreciated!!

Keep coloring outside the lines,

Frugal Tool: Chest Freezer

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