Routines & Boy Scouts

I was thinking this morning as I was getting ready for work about the routines or habits that each person has each day. Whether by a design of their own or just falling into a routine, I believe a person can set themselves up to either succeed or fail. I guess you could really go deep into this subject if you start thinking about it as you go about your day.

My thoughts were centered, of course on what I was doing at that time. I am always thinking in the mornings as I get ready. Mostly it is about what I am going to do or accomplish that day at work. I plan my day and think about how I am going to go about things to get the most I can get done in my scheduled amount of time. That may seem a little crazy, but I work in a clerical job and my boss does not micromanage my work hours (well 99% of the time). I have tasks that I know I am responsible for and I try to do them in the most organized, efficient way that I can. Doing this, I feel makes me good at my job.

So thinking about the day ahead and getting it coordinated in my mind helps to make the day go smoother and for me to get things done. Even if it doesn’t go as I imagined that morning, at least I had a plan or guideline to go by before I even stepped foot into my office.

Being frugal requires plans to set you up for success. To illustrate this, let’s keep going with my morning. The evening before I had went to the grocery store. I knew the things I was going to take to work for lunch. To eat at work, the least amount I can spend to get breakfast would be $1 (mushy oatmeal). For lunch it would be ~$4 (grilled cheese sandwich and french fries). So I had food to take to eat at lunch including something for a snack. These things were less than $5 – win for me. And also for my health – eating what I can bring to work vs eating in the cafeteria is much more healthy. The cafeteria does not make healthy options on a daily basis. And when they do, it is so expensive.

That is just one example of being a Boy Scout (the famous motto of “Being Prepared”). It is an enormous help to being frugal and saving money. Also as I mentioned before about my day going smoother, mindset is a big part of setting yourself up for success. The more unhurried and less stressed you are is so important in┬ádoing your best and being able to try new ways of doing things or working an already successful frugal habit.

What are your successful habits/routines?

Routines & Boy Scouts