Kindle First

I am an Amazon Prime member and have been one for several years. I paid $99 for it this year. I believe it was $79 per year when I first started so if they continue to raise the price…geesh I would hate to think about not having it.

There are good things about being a Prime member. I shop Amazon frequently. Amazon Prime members get instant video, a lot of which is free but free 2-day shipping was the draw for me in the beginning.

I have always loved Amazon. One of the very best things about it (IMHO) are the reviews on every item – unless it is very new on the site. Before I buy anything, even if it isn’t on Amazon I generally check out the reviews to see if I am getting what I think I am getting. I love all of those people who take time to write about their experiences. I can’t thank them enough for all of the FREE advice!!

As an avid reader, I turn to Amazon all the time for book reviews. I do own a Kindle and love it. It was a great investment and will hold more books than I could possibly read in my lifetime. I also like being able to highlight passages and look up words on it.

But one of the coolest things on Amazon for readers is if you have a Kindle and are a Prime member, you are able to pick from four books each month before they are released. I love this!!! Especially because there is almost always a book in a genre I enjoy. So FREE e-book. Good deal I take advantage of every month for 12 free books each year.

This month’s choices are:
Marked (Servants of Fate Book I) by Sarah Fine
The Last Passenger by Manel Loureiro, Andres Alfaro
Fatal Puzzle (Zons Crime Book I) by Catherine Shepherd, Julia Knobloch
Guardians of the Night (A Gideon and Sirius novel) by Alan Russell

I don’t like romantic fantasy, but the others were mystery, thriller and suspense – my kind of books. Reading the descriptions I didn’t know what to choose. None really made me want to pick one over the others. I am not so much into ghosts, but I picked The Last Passenger. The reviews were mostly on one side of really liking or the other of really not.

I started reading it last night and am several chapters in already. So far I am hooked, I hope it continues this way. It started in the past with a coal boat finding a luxury cruise ship deserted. No one knows why. Then in the present, the main character’s husband having already died – I had to wait a bit to find out how. For some reason I was reading in between the lines trying to figure this out until it was told. Now she is working the story (she is a reporter) that her husband, unbeknownst to her, had been working on before he died. And yes, already a ghost or should I say ghosts.

My review later…. I’m off to bed to read 😀

Keep coloring outside the lines

Kindle First

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